Partners that help us deliver our ideas and creativity to people worldwide.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

We can develop and publish our games for PlayStation consoles without the need of a publisher. All creative control remains with us and we do not need to make sacrifices during development just to please a publisher.

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Microsoft Inc.

We can also self-publish for Xbox consoles, which means we develop and publish our games for Xbox consoles exactly the way we want. All creative and momentary control remains with us. We will not end up in a situation where we need to make sacrifices in our vision because a publisher demands it.

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Valve Corporation

Steam is the leading platform for PC games and thus the natural choice for us to bring our games to PC exclusively through Steam. Be it for the common use case to have our games on the Windows platform or new opportunities like mobile gaming on the Steam Deck.

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Apple Inc.

With the App Store Small Business Program and its reduced commission fee of 15% it enables us to invest more in our business, while growing our app and games business through the Apple App Store. One stop to get our products for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

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