About Us

designmatic is a startup creating games and apps. It is independently owned and operated out of Germany since 2016.



We challenge the status quo and do not settle for something, because others are doing it. If it seems bad or wrong, we will not follow others in the same direction. Instead we will take a step back, think about ideas and imagine what alternatives could be possible.


A refined sense of judgment is essential to find the balance that produces products and services that are a pleasing and integrated whole. We believe that a person should develop that taste instead of doing polls to determine, which color to pick for elements.


Applying skill to achieve high-quality results and always striving to do better is not something that should be left in the past. Instead we believe it is more important than ever that craftsmanship is applied to digital products and services too.


In our opinion working together well with other people is crucial to create great products. Furthermore, we believe that people should seek to combine their complementary strengths, which requires people with diverse backgrounds and equal inclusion of them. Racism, sexism or homophobia has no place in our company.


There is no getting around from doing necessary grunt work. Resorting to shortcuts or half measures leads to shit products and services. Therefore, we require everyone to do their part in the appearing grunt work.


We try to see the world from other people’s perspectives and create products and services that fit into their lives and adapt to their needs.


Sometimes things do not work out as planned. As a result, it is important to acknowledge these circumstances and be open to make tough choices and refuse to delay or procrastinate work tasks.